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First Scottish continues its Rectification Service under the Land Registration etc. (Scotland) Act 2012. Any errors prior or post 8th December 2014 are covered by the service.

We can:

  • Offer a quick and accurate appraisal of the existing title sheet.
  • Advise if rectification is possible in terms of the Land Registration etc. (Scotland) Act 2012 or the transitional provisions in Schedule 4 of the Act (under which the Land Registration (Scotland) Act 1979 rules live on)
  • Advise on what is required for a Rectification application to the Keeper.
  • If rectification is not a viable solution, advise on the alternatives available

What are the benefits of the service?

  • Rectification applications will not be submitted to the Keeper if they are inappropriate thus saving time and rejection.
  • If rectification is not appropriate you will be advised of an alternative solution.
  • Unique access to experts in the provision of rectification and registration advice.

Our experts:

Valerie Clough and Margaret Grieve worked for Registers of Scotland for more than 30 years and have headed the Rectification Service at First Scottish since June 2011. Both have been instrumental in forming and implementing policy at the Keeper’s office. Valerie headed the Rectification and Indemnity Team and the Registration Practice Team at Registers of Scotland and Margaret was a senior point of referral and guidance in every aspect of registration as well as being a key member of the Registration Practice Team. Both have extensive knowledge of the provisions of the 2012 Act.

The rectification service costs £80 per hour and enables you to get a swift appraisal of whether rectification is possible or not and how to go about it.

Our Rectification of Title Lecture:

Val and Margaret were also recently invited to deliver a lecture on Rectification of Title at the University of Glasgow, School of Law as part of the Diploma in Professional Legal Practice. The lecture will form a permanent fixture of the Diploma course from now on and will assist solicitors to understand the practical implications of the operation of the Land Register following the implementation of the new Act.

Our Seminars:

Since the launch of the Rectification Service Valerie and Margaret have given 70 seminars to over 1300 solicitors from Stranraer to Elgin and dealt with hundreds of different queries on the subject. The seminar has now been transformed to incorporate the changes brought about by the 2012 Act. So if your firm or faculty would like a seminar on this service then just contact them. It qualifies for an hour’s CPD and covers all of the following points:

  • How rectification will operate under the 2012 Act and why the 1979 Act rules for rectification will live on after the designated day.
  • Different rectification situations.
  • Real life examples of rectification in operation.
  • What other remedies might be possible if rectification is not an option.

So to organise a seminar or for advice on a rectification problem contact:

Valerie Clough 01383 826786

Margaret Grieve 01383 826786



Following the success of our Land Rectification Service launched in 2011, and in response to requests from customers, First Scottish is now pleased to offer a full Land Registration Enquiries Service. This service can support you and your clients through the whole process of registration from start to finish.

Our experts Valerie Clough and Margaret Grieve are acknowledged specialists in the field of land registration with over 30 years of experience working for Registers of Scotland. They have detailed knowledge of the Land Registration etc. (Scotland) Act 2012 and can assist in ensuring that your registration queries are solved quickly and accurately so that your applications avoid rejection. Some of the topics they can advise on are:

  • Irregularities in title and how these may affect registration.
  • Adverse outcomes of pre-registration reports.
  • Title conditions problems.
  • Rectification and how this may be achieved or viable alternatives.
  • Shared and sharing plot titles and tenement steadings.
  • Removal of exclusions of indemnity and restrictions of warranty.
  • The completion of application forms and what to submit with an application for registration.
  • Enquiries by post, e-mail or telephone are welcomed.

Please contact Land Registration Enquiries Section:

Valerie Clough 01383 826786

Margaret Grieve 01383 826786



First Scottish now offers a full and comprehensive Deed Plan Service. Our experienced plans team can prepare deed plans that meet The Registers of Scotland’s criteria for First Registration.  Our plan service covers all aspects of plan work, ranging from residential properties to large commercial sites.

We also provide Jigsaw Plans whereby we can show any number of titles referenced in different colours/delineations to illustrate how the various areas lie in relation to one another and to the Ordnance Survey Map.

Our plans team has over 15 years experience in plan preparation and as such understands the need for fast, accurate plans.  Our turnaround target for the majority of our instructions is 48 hours; however we can offer an expedited service whereby we can fast track requests and in most instances have the plan e-mailed back within the day.

All our plans are based upon the most up to date Ordnance Survey data available and can be printed at various sizes up to and including A0.

Should you require further information regarding this service then please contact Rick Stewart on 01383 826740 or by e-mail on

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