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Can I attach documents/plans for your information?

Yes. When you create an instruction there is an attach button which allows you to attach one document for our information. Further details on attaching plans can be found on page 9 of this Guide.

Can I do a draft of my instruction?

Yes. Once you have filled in all information required the last screen has the options Back, Save, Submit or Print – You can click Print which will allow you to fax or email to the other side then Save which will hold the instruction in your Track Instruction Screen.

Can I make my list of instructions more manageable?

Yes. See Completed Instructions (page 37) you can reduce or increase the number of days your completed instructions will show, all drafts or instructions not yet completed will still show. This will only restrict your view not the view of other users in your company.

Can I still diarise my Searches and Reports?

Yes.  This facility is still available.

Does the Online Order Centre offer a faster service for my instructions?

Yes.  As you are entering your client’s details straight into our production system, there is no double-keying of information, so our turnaround times will be even faster.

Does your site use cookies?

Yes.  We may obtain information about your use of our site by using a cookie file, which is stored on the hard drive of your computer. This helps us improve our service to you. You can disable the cookies we attach if your browser supports this. However, this may result in you being unable to use some parts of our site.  Please visit our Privacy Policy on our website for further details –

How big a file can I attach via the web?

Plans or Files to be attached to an instruction can be up to 10mb.


How do I find an old instruction?

You can use the Search facility on the Track Instruction Screen, click in the search box and type part of the address, client name or instruction number then click the search button this will filter all your instructions to list only instructions within your search criteria.

How do I know that my personal information stored is safe from hackers?

Our Online Order Centre is a fully encrypted and is protected by SSL Certificates so all the personal information you enter onto our site is safe.

How long can I be in the Order Centre before I am locked out?

You do not get locked out but you do have to refresh your screen to see up to date information (F5).

I have deleted the email containing my report in error can I get another copy?

Yes. Go to the Track Instruction Screen, Results Column, click on the number then print or email. You can also view and print a copy of the Invoice and your instruction document form the Track Instruction Screen.

I have lost my password what do I do?

Simply click on Forgotten Password which can be found on the front page of the Online Order Centre.  An email with your password will then be sent to your inbox.  Further details on account maintenance can be found on page 3 of this Guide.

My colleague is on holiday – will I be able to access the information contained in their workflow on the Online Order Centre?

Yes. Go to the Track Instruction screen and click on All Instructions rather than My Instructions and you will be able to view all web instruction from your company.

What if I submit an instruction in error?

Call or email our Customer Liaison Team and they will be able to delete your instruction from the system – 01383 826777.

Who do I contact if I’m having problems with the Online Order Centre?

Our Customer Liaison Team have an in-depth knowledge of our system so please call them for advice on 01383 826777.

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