A Happy New Year to all our clients and I hope everyone enjoyed their break over the festive period.

The majority of our searching staff continued to work from home during 2022, although some staff have now returned to the office.

First Scottish Document Management enjoyed a full year back and as a result produced a record year both in turnover and profit.

House sales in Scotland for 2022 are currently standing at 94,926 this does not include December’s figures as they are not yet available. I estimate that residential sales for 2022 will be around 104,500 which will be a decrease of about 13,300 from 2021 (117,811).

This is still a very strong figure and shows how robust the Scottish housing market is. Residential sales form the core of our search business and although sales are down from 2021 First Scottish Searching Services have had a very successful year.

We have maintained our position as the largest searching company in Scotland and have increased our searching staff during 2022. This could not have been achieved without the fantastic support from our clients and also the efforts of our staff.

We will continue to maintain our high standards for 2023 and will invest as always in our staff and technology.

Can I finish by wishing all our clients and staff a very prosperous 2023, both in your family and business lives.

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