First Scottish partners with legal tech startup Amiqus

Award-winning startup provides anti-money laundering capability to leading search firm













Scotland’s leading independent firm of professional searchers has announced a partnership with recent EiE winners Amiqus Resolution to conduct secure anti-money laundering checks online for conveyancing clients as the latest offering for the Scottish legal market.

First Scottish deliver a comprehensive list of fast and accurate search services using intelligent document management solutions to increase accessibility to critical business information and it was with access in mind that Leith-based tech startup Amiqus created Amiqus ID.

The Amiqus team is working to make civil justice more accessible. Their first product Amiqus ID makes client intake and onboarding compliance simple, efficient and secure, having been designed and built with changing regulations, legislation and data privacy taken into consideration from the get-go.

Amiqus ID reduces the risk and hassle associated with conducting ongoing identity and anti-money laundering compliance checks, by moving manual processes, such as passport or bank statement checks, to one easy-to-use and encrypted online platform – away from unsecured email exchanges. This makes it significantly easier for regulated professionals, such as lawyers and estate agents, to onboard new clients whilst improving client experience.

Bringing compliance checks online not only contributes towards reductions in operating costs, a core First Scottish objective, but also reduces the risk of the heavy penalties that go along with non-compliance. The latest set of anti-money laundering regulations come into force on 26th June.

Amiqus CEO Callum Murray said, “We’re delighted to collaborate with First Scottish, a respected leader in the legal search market in Scotland. By working together, we’ll be able to help more Scottish law firms compete by making complying with ever increasing levels of regulation easier and more secure.”

First Scottish Group Managing Director Ian Fraser said, “We took notice when Amiqus ID joined the approved suppliers list of the Law Society of Scotland and we were interested in finding out how Amiqus ID might complement our current range of services. By working with Callum and the Amiqus team through this partnership, we’re now able to offer additional services to our clients at a time when compliance and data privacy are at the forefront of our minds.”

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